Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jake's Answer

Beginning from a very high moral compass nurtured in catholic school, Jake has an extreme responsibility to the faith and living a moral life. Once he gets to college, however, Jake renounces this responsibility and focuses more on experiencing life. With few morals now, Jake finds himself very free, but emotionally drained by the shallow nature of his friends and his incapability to write. After indulging in a hedonistic lifestyle of no responsibility, Jake finds himself contemplating suicide with the very pills to make his anxiety go away. He is addicted to the lifestyle and is losing freedom to the very things he thought would bring it. In desperation Jake rescues a prostitute and brings the responsibility of helping her recover upon himself. With this new found responsibility Jake is able to write and begin a novel--something he has been trying to begin since his college graduation. Only through responsibility was Jake able to find emotional stability to allow emotional freedom.

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